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Much like its famous cinema industry Bollywood, Mumbai is a vibrant city that never ceases to entertain. From the sounds of rickety motorbikes honking, to the fragrance of fresh flowers and spices, and the rows of shops selling beautifully dyed fabrics, it is the sights, sounds and smells of Mumbai that make the city so endearing to so many of its visitors. Known as Bombay during the days of the British Raj, the sprawling city is dotted with examples of magnificent colonial architecture and a rich mix of spiritual and historical sites that enthral thousands of visitors daily.

Mumbai – Regions or Cities to Visit

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With its dazzling combination of Muslim architectural arches and ornate Hindu-style decorations, a trip to the Gateway of India is a visit to one of India's most well known monuments. Dhobi Ghat, a gigantic human-powered laundry factory where thousands of clothes are handwashed daily, makes for a great photo opportunity. For hungry travellers, a visit to Chor Bazaar market with its food stalls and great bargains on souvenirs is a great option. Heading to the local beaches of Chowpatty and Juhu to soak in the carnival-esque atmosphere during the day and staying late into the night to party are also popular options.

Highlights and Icons

South Mumbai, referred to simply as “Town” by locals, is home to the majority of Mumbai’s museums, art galleries and shopping districts. Visiting Colaba is a great way for travellers who want to sightsee the main tourist hotspots of Mumbai. Up North, a large number of shopping centres provide an opportunity for retail therapy but is also home to the suburb of Bandra which is known for its eclectic nightlife and great restaurants.

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