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goa holiday and accomodation guide

With its breezy shores, serene waters and gently swaying palm trees, Goa's beaches are a welcome respite from the frantic pace the rest of the country operates at. Best described by Goans themselves as susegad, the laid back culture of God brings in an ever increasing number of local and foreign travellers seeking ultimate relaxation. Isolated from the rest of India during its 500 year occupation as a Portugese outpost, the eclectic East-meets-West influence on Goan food, religion and culture enchant the thousands who flock to this coastal haven.

Goa – Regions or Cities to Visit

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Goa is best known for its pristine beaches and seaside resorts on the coast. Shack up on the beach and watch the day roll by while drinking a cashew feni, or take a dip into the clear blue waters. Further inland, the fragrant spice plantations and peaceful rivers that make up Goa's fantastic natural environment are great to stroll along. Goan cuisine is also a must try. Famous for its use of fish, coconut, Kokum and vinegar, the area produces fantastic curries and stews that should not be missed.

Highlights and Icons

The main tourist hotspots are centered around Goa's stunning coastline. As a general rule, the southern beaches tend to attract the most tourists while up north the scene is much quieter. Anjuna beach is home to the impressive colonial home Alburquerque Mansion and a popular weekly flea market. Palolem Beach in the is one of the lesser crowded beaches and offers a good range of eating options. Calangute Beach remains the most well known spot in Goa and although crowded at times, is reflective of the popularity of this beach paradise.

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