Vanuatu Resorts and Hotel Guide

The majority of Vanuatu resorts are found in the picturesque seaside capital town of Port Vila on the main island of Efate. Port Vila has a few decent but small beaches along its suburban peninsula, good restaurants in the downtown area and some enjoyable day tours around Efate Island but mostly the resorts are aimed at families and for pure relaxation. Beyond Port Vila along the coast of Efate Island are a handful of small island resorts and upmarket beach accommodations aimed at couples.

The second most visited island in Vanuatu is Espiritu Santo, about a 45-minute flight north of Port Vila. Santo has wild and rugged rainforest along its south and west coast, huge cattle farms and coconut plantations along the east coast, and Vanuatu's second town, Luganville, on the south coast. Luganville and small the offshore island resorts are the base for scuba diving the excellent coral reefs and WWII wrecks around the lagoon. The only other island with mainstream tourism is Tanna, 40-minutes flight to the south of Port Vila. Adventure travellers descend upon Tanna to marvel at its active volcano which blasts volcanic fireworks into the sky on a regular basis - when it's good, these blasts continue every 10-minutes or so, and in less active sessions the puffs dispense hourly. Tanna also has several well established cultural villages to explore where yo can watch traditional dances, visit local homes and interact with the local community.