Samoa Resorts Guide

There are only a handful of Samoa resorts around the islands with the largest concentration of accommodation being the guesthouses and hotels in Apia Town. Here you'll find the legendary Aggie Grey's and several other large resorts but no beach. Apia makes a good base for exploring Upolu Island which can be circumnavigated in a full day. There are a handful of small beach resorts around the south coast of Upolu Island which make pleasant holiday bases including several budget traditional beach fales. Savaii Island is much less developed for tourism and has just a couple of small boutique beach resorts around the main tourist centre of Manase Beach and a handful of village owned beach fales dotted around the islan aimed mostly at backpackers and sometimes frequented by local Samoans on a day out.

American Samoa has only a handful of places to stay and these are almost entirely focused on business travellers. There are no beach resorts per say, but visiting American Samoa is about exploring the natural beauty of the islands on a self drive holiday, so the convenient business resorts are just as handy for tourists.